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Discussion session (( Regulations of the field training for the students of the pharmacy school ))

The Faculty of Pharmacy seeks to periodically introduce students to pharmaceutical training instructions and ensure continuous follow-up of the progress of the training process in accordance with the regulations followed by the Jordanian Pharmacists Association. On Monday 3/18/2024, the Pharmaceutical Practice Group held a discussion session in the virtual pharmacy at the Faculty of Pharmacy under the title: “Field Training Instructions For students of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Applied Science Private University.

Dr. Laith Shdeifat, Assistant Dean for Training Affairs, began the session by introducing the students to the Pharmaceutical Practice Group, explaining its role in assisting and guiding the students during their training periods, with the aim of maximizing the benefit from the training periods so that the students graduate with distinctive pharmaceutical skills that add to health care in the community, and make it easier for the students to engage in the labor market after graduation.

Then, the session discussed the most recent field training instructions and the correct steps and procedures followed to record training hours and have them approved by the Pharmacists Association. Students can view all these instructions and download the field training form electronically from the Faculty of Pharmacy's page on the university's website or Obtain it from the department secretariat on the deanship floor in the faculty.

The number of hours required for the training materials has been mentioned as follows:

- A student who has completed 60 academic hours from the faculty plan has the right to begin training in one of the community pharmacies.

- A student who has completed at least 300 training hours and completed Pharmacology 1 has the right to register for Training 1

- A student who has completed at least 700 training hours and completed Pharmacology 1, Pharmacology 2, and Training 1 has the right to register for Training 2.

- A student who has completed at least 1,000 training hours and has completed Pharmacology 1, Pharmacology 2, Pharmacology 3, non-prescription medications, Training 1 and Training 2 has the right to register for an advanced training course.

- In addition to explaining the steps for filling out the field training form for each training period, with the need for it to be signed by the pharmaceutical practice group before the start of the training, with an emphasis that the group does not sign any training paper retroactively.

There was talk about the importance of students filling out the “logbook" book during their training period and how to record information in it, as an oral test will be conducted for the students in Training 1 and Training 2 based on the information that the student filled out in this book during their training periods.

In the end, the topics of the various extracurricular activities carried out by the Pharmaceutical Practice Group and the faculty were discussed, and students were encouraged to attend these activities and even suggest any activities or ideas to the group's representatives, including faculty members and students.

It is worth noting that students' interest and constant eagerness to obtain knowledge and information will reflect positively on their academic and practical performance and their optimal preparation for the labor market.