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First aid and care of emergencies workshop


Providing distinguished health care is a goal for all health institutions, including the pharmaceutical sector, which is constantly exposed to all medical cases, which may sometimes be emergency. As part of the Faculty of Pharmacy’s mission to develop students’ skills, increase their awareness, and ensure optimal preparation for the labor market, the Alumni Committee, the Laboratory and Public Safety Committee, in cooperation with the Pharmaceutical Practice Group, held a workshop on Thursday 3/7/2024 entitled:

"First aid and emergency medical care"

-The concept of first aid, its purpose, and the most important basic principles that must be taken into account before applying it, such as safety of the place, were introduced.

- Identifying the procedures and measures used in first aid in various emergency situations, the practical application of the steps, and the need for the body to be in an appropriate position.

- Learn some basic skills that are useful in our daily lives, such as measuring blood pressure.

In conclusion, the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy honored the speakers and trainers in this workshop

 The Faculty of Pharmacy extends its sincere thanks to the Creative Pharmaceutical Training Academy and the Tanmawyoun Plus team, who have received accreditation from the German Board, for their active participation in developing student awareness and increasing their awareness of the necessity of learning these medical skills and practicing them in practical life, which will reflect positively on the quality of the pharmaceutical sector.