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Toxic relationships and their impact on the psychological aspect

​On Tuesday, 4/1/2024, the Social and Cultural Committee, with the support of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Applied Science Private University, represented by the dean; Dr. Samar Thiab, held a lecture entitled "Toxic relationships and their impact on the psychological aspect". The lecture included multiple educational and awareness aspects aimed at educating students and preparing them to face various life situations that students may be exposed to during different life stages, especially during their university studies. The lecture was presented by the specialist in the treatment of developmental, psychological and behavioral disorders and the first music therapist in the Middle East, Dr. Hanadi Kaadan, in the presence of a group of faculty members at the faculty. 

We extend our sincere thanks and appreciation to Dr. Hanadi Kaadan for this valuable lecture and the impact it left on our students, and we look forward to more educational lectures that aim to advance in various fields. We also invite other students to participate in future activities.