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Training II Verbal Examination

​As part of the faculty of pharmacy’s continuous efforts to develop the training experience for its students, the faculty hosted a number of distinguished local community pharmacists who supervise the field training of a number of students in their pharmacies. These pharmacists participated in the students’ face-to-face oral exam that is related to the training II course, which was held on Thursday 11/1/2024. This type of oral examination aims to evaluate the students’ training periods and to know the students’ ability to deal with people directly to give general information about the different drug groups, in addition to encouraging students to get rid of fear or anxiety while dealing with patients or colleagues in the health sector after graduation.

​The dean of the faculty, Dr. Samar Thiab, also took this opportunity and the presence of a number of distinguished community pharmacists, and presented them with certificates of appreciation not only for their efforts during the exam, but also for their cooperation and continued dedication to training and developing our students. It is worth noting that a number of meetings took place between the attending pharmacists and a number of faculty members concerned with the subject of training to discuss ways to develop training and discuss ways of cooperation between the college and community pharmacists.