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Introduction to Training

​On Sunday, October 22, 2023, the Pharmacy Practice Group held an introductory lecture for college students regarding the instructions and requirements to start the pharmaceutical training, which was presented by Dr. Eman Migdadi, a member of the Pharmacy Practice Group. The lecture focused on the importance of the fact that students should follow the requirements and instructions during pharmaceutical training. They also discussed the steps to fill out the training form properly, emphasizing on signing the form retroactively, how to use the training logbook, as well as when to start reporting pharmaceutical information about medicines. The lecture focused on highlighting the importance of starting data transfer to the logbook from the beginning of training, and the importance of aiming to be ready for submission and examination at the end of Training Course 2. At the end of the lecture, a number of challenges that faced the students during their training were discussed, stressing the importance of professional look and attitude during students’ presence in the Pharmacy.​