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Al-Osra Pharmacies and Corato Company training day at ASU

The Pharmaceutical Practice Group at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Applied Science Private University held an interactive meeting with representatives from Al-Osra pharmacies and Corato medical company, on Wednesday, 3/15/2023, under the title:​

Al-Osra Pharmacies and Corato medical company training day at ASU

Aiming to place students in an interactive environment to simulate a job interview in the field of community pharmacy or pharmaceutical marketing, which took place over two parts; a lecture was conducted to share the history of Al-Osra pharmacies group and its development until it reached 17 branches.  The lecturer also covered their training program, clarifying the pharmacist's tasks in various departments in the pharmacy chain. Representatives of Corato medical company also presented the role of pharmacists as medical representatives.

During the second part, a number of students were given the opportunity to conduct individual interviews according to their desire in the field of community pharmacies or the field of pharmaceutical marketing. This interviews paved the road for these students to be trained for possible future job enrolment.

At the end of the day, Dr. Samar Thiab, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, honored the lecturers with certificates of appreciation, followed by a discussion with the Pharmaceutical Practice Group to exchange recommendations for future training and cooperation. ​