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A joint workshop between the Faculty of Pharmacy at ASU and Nairoukh Pharma

​As the Faculty of Pharmacy has a vision in providing its students with practical skills, a joint workshop targeting the students who are expected to graduate this academic year 2022/2023, was organized with Nairoukh Pharma. The Faculty of Pharmacy represented by its Dean, Dr. Firas El-Hajji, the Social and Cultural Committee rapporteur, Dr. Loai Saadah, and the Community Service Committee rapporteur, Dr. Manal Ayyash, hosted a distinguished pharmaceutical team from Nairoukh Pharma which was represented by Dr. Khamis Khamis, Dr. Ahmed Abanda and Dr. Youssef Mousous on Monday the 14th of November 2022. The workshop included two distinct interactive lectures, the first was about Cross Selling techniques and was presented by Dr. Baraa Al-Borini, while the second lecture was about Drug registration and renewal process and was presented by Dr. Roa’a Al-Fawair. It was agreed on continuous cooperation between the Faculty of Pharmacy and Nairoukh Pharma to train students and to organize more specialized workshops to prepare students for the market.​