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Testimonies of others


There is only one way to succeed in any business by giving it all we have. This is what we have seen in our dear faculty of pharmacy at the University of Applied Sciences, which provided us with everything that made us successful and distinguished in our field of work through the provision of excellent teaching staff and the provision of modern laboratory equipment and linking technology to our profession through the provision of a computer lab by which we learned how to access the latest reliable medical information, which was of great assistance in our research. As well as our training on how to deliver information through many lectures and recite it to our fellow students. All this has laid down the ground work for serving our families and community. Thanks to our Dean, the teaching staff and all faculty members for their diligence in keeping up with the modern learning methods, which we proudly still use it till today. I remember one day getting a phone call from my faculty inviting me to participate in the universities activities. It is very important for ASU alumni to keep in touch with our university where we belong.
 Nawar Aqrabawi​


​My experience at Applied Science University was very beneficial to me. The knowledge I gained there was theoretically and practically exactly what we need as pharmacists, this knowledge was transmitted by doctors who are expert in their field, who prepared us perfectly well to the bussiness world and have provided us with skills necessary to face our future. I'm very proud and entirely satisfied for choosing ASU as my university, also for being a student in the Faculty Of Pharmacy. 

​Razan Nassar



Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Applied Sciences I graduated from it and I am proud that I am one of its graduates. It has the ability to provide and offer all the needs  the pharmacy student that could need in order to get benefit from this science, from acadimic staff side, all of their staff at a high level of acadimic degree, and the ability to communicate with the student and dilever the information to them in a simple and clear way, moreover the university provides all the laboratory and pharmaceutical equipments needed by the student, which supports practical learning with oral teaching. It also allows students to participate in the field of scientific research at the undergraduate level, which adds to the student early acquired skills in the field of scientific research.For those who want to continue towards graduate studies, the college also has masters degree programs by qualified professors. The College, headed by its Dean, Dr. Eman Bashiti, is seeking to promote the College to the world , It has concluded agreements with several international universities from different countries such as the University of Sydney, which support and confirm the strength of the College  of Pharmacy certificate at Applied Science Private University abroad.

Omar Tuza​