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Research Laboratories

​​​​Animal Research laboratory

The Animal  laboratory  is a research facility that belongs to the Faculty of Pharmacy at ASU. It is located in an independent building on the university premises. Being an integral facility for pharmaceutical research, it has been specially designed and equipped to meet all needed standards required for laboratory animal research. s Keeping and breeding research animals is one of the activities conducted at the center.  Animal welfare is very well met, in addition to environmental concerns (e.g. an in-house incinerator is found). The research carried out in the Animal Research Center covers pharmacodynamic, pharmacokinetic, pre-clinical, toxicologic, and drug interactions studies. Such research complements the activities conducted at the faculty through the pharmacology and/or toxicology laboratories. In addition, the Animal Research Center provides educational services for the students, mainly for hands-on education in the pharmacology and toxicology labs.

The Animal Research Center supports research collaborations with external pharmaceutical institutions, including national and international universities, research centers and the pharmaceutical industry.

 ​Animal Research laboratory

Clinical Research laboratory

At Applied Science Private University, we are connected to a Pharmacy Care Unit at Ibn Al-Haytham Hospital. Four clinical pharmacists work at the Unit under the supervision of the Faculty’s Dean, to train our students and care for the inpatients. The Unit represents an excellent research center for the clinical academics at the Faculty. In addition, the Virtual Pharmacy situated at the Faculty represents an important research laboratory​ for our pharmacy simulation studies.  

Cancer Research laboratory

The cancer laboratory unit in Applied Science Private University was established in 2012 as one of the most active and well equipped research centers for academics, as well as postgraduate students.  Our mission is to study cancer hallmarks, and translate our knowledge to experimental procedures that facilitate the discovery of improved anticancer therapies. We aim to create more effective treatments for cancer by providing new combination therapies based on natural products. Such combinations offer tremendous promise in combating the disease with affordable and less toxic therapeutic options

The pharmaceutical research laboratory

This laboratory was primarily established to conduct research involving innovative pharmaceutical manufacturing techniques such as hot melt extrusion and spray drying for the preparation of both; immediate and extended release dosage forms. In addition, the lab is equipped with MODDE 11 software for statistical design of experiments and it has access to a wide array of processing equipment and analysis instruments available in the school of pharmacy.