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Why Faculty of Pharmacy at ASU


Why Pharmacy at ASU?

Excellent undergraduate and master's program:

Faculty of Pharmacy has graduated highly qualified pharmacists at the local, regional and international levels.

Illustrated in the webpage :

-  Excellence in research and conferences:

The Faculty of Pharmacy is characterized by the continuous publishing scientific articles in prestigious journals. In addition to organizing international conferences, which are held annually. It is also characterized by organizing career days and various workshops and lectures to support students.

- Field Training:

The Faculty of Pharmacy is keen on ensuring good training of students. The study plan includes two courses to help qualifying students both academically and professionally.

The Faculty of Pharmacy also holds a special workshop each year under the title (Towards a Distinct Training). A number of pharmacy owners are hosted to discuss the methods of training and discuss the new updates regarding pharmaceutical developments.

​- Faculty of Pharmacy Achievements at the International and National Levels:

National Accreditation: The Faculty of Pharmacy has received the Quality Assurance/ Golden Level Certificate issued by the Higher Education Accreditation Authority and its Quality Assurance. The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Applied Science University is the first gold-winning pharmacy college in the Kingdom. 

International Accreditation: Faculty of Pharmacy has received American international accreditation (Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education- ACPE) during the year 2018. Thus, Applied Sciences is the first private university in Jordan and the second private university in the Middle East to obtain this accreditation.

Faculty of Pharmacy has signed many agreements with a group of international universities

(e.g. University of Nottingham Trent and the British University of Marmara Turkish). That was associated with traveling of a group of students to study the summer semester as the University of Nottingham Trent and the British University of Marmara Turkish.

The most important things Faculty of Pharmacy did for students: 

- Career days/ annually. 

- International pharmaceutical conference /annually. 

- The diversity of lectures and workshops for students/ periodically during the academic semesters. 

- Developed a research program for outstanding students. 

- Opening opportunity for students to travel to study certain modules at prestigious international universities such as the University of Nottingham Trent and the University of May 29 Turkish. 

- Provide fully funded scholarships for outstanding students to conduct their postgraduate studies. 

- Scientific trips such as pharmaceuticals, nature reserves, and entertainment trips.