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History and Objectives

​Faculty of Pharmacy Initiation and History

The Faculty of Pharmacy was founded in 1991 at the Applied Science Private University under license from the Jordanian Ministry of Higher Education. Since its inception, the Faculty has graduated 22 class graduates currently working in Jordan, the Arab and Western countries. With the Acknowledgment of the University to the importance of the Faculty of Pharmacy, the faculty’s classrooms and laboratories were equipped with the latest and most important equipment. The Faculty of Pharmacy building (titled Ibn al-Bitar building) oversees 18 teaching laboratories, out of which 3 are dedicated for research; 12 teaching classrooms and an auditorium for academic and scientific activities. The building also includes workshop and seminar rooms, a virtual pharmacy, a computer laboratory, a cell culture laboratory, besides the administrative, academic and technical offices. The Faculty is also followed by the Animal House which distinguishes it on the level of the private universities in Jordan, providing the Faculty with the necessary laboratory animals for teaching and scientific research purposes, besides the special research rooms.

The Pharmacy Care Unit was established by the Faculty at Ibn al-Haitham Hospital in 2010 to contribute to improving patients’ quality of life and reducing drug associated problems. From an academic standpoint, this Unit aims at training the students in the hospital to practice and apply the theoretical skills they learn at the Faculty.

Despite the modern era of the Faculty’s Master’s Program, which was established in 2012, it has proved a remarkable success, which is evident by the high number of outstanding students eager to join the program.

The Faculty’s Vision

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Applied Science Private University looks forward to be one of the leading faculties of pharmacy locally and internationally in the areas of pharmaceutical education and scientific research, besides its development ​​towards society advancement in the fields of pharmaceutical science and their applications.

The Faculty’s Message

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Applied Science Private University strives to provide the local and Arab communities with pharmacists that have high standards of skills and professional ethics in the various fields of pharmaceutical science.

The Faculty’s Goals

1. To graduate highly qualified pharmacists at the local, regional and global level.

2. To create a distinguished academic cadre that follows modern teaching and learning methods.

3. To communicate with the local community in order to provide the best services.​​