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Faculty Council

  Dr. Feras El Hajji
 Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy 

Dr. Samar Thiab
Assistant Dean
Dr. Ahmad  Aljaberi​​
Head of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutics Department​
Dr. May Abu TahaHead of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics Department​

Dr. Reem Abutayeh
​Head of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Department​​

Dr. Sofyan Maghaydah​
Head of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Department​

Dr. Safwan Alian​

Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutics Department Representative​
Dr.  Muna BarakatClinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics Department Representative​

Dr. Mumen Amer
Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacognosy Department Representative

Dr. Maysoun Al Qutob​

Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Department​ Representative

Organizational Chart​​


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