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About Faculty and History

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Faculty of Pharmacy Overview

Welcome to the website of the Faculty of Pharmacy (FOP) at the Applied Science Private University (ASU). FOP is devoted to excellence, innovation, and sustainability in scientific research and pharmaceutical education, and practice. The faculty is distinguished by its commitment to promote education, training, and research in all aspects of design, development and use of medications. We faithfully seek to contribute to the promotion of health and wellbeing of individuals by providing high quality of education in various disciplines of pharmacy, and to succeed in maintaining impactful connection between academia and community service, considering updates in job requirements.

In FOP, we are also keen to turn the results of the conducted research into practice for the most important health aspects, technology, and knowledge as part of our mission to serve people, patients, and practitioners in Jordan, the Arab region, and the world.​

History and Initiation Pharmacy of Faculty

The Faculty of Pharmacy (Ibn Al-Bitar building) was established at Applied Science Private University in 1991, and worked on graduating pharmacists with expertise in the field of pharmaceutical sciences and applications in Jordan, the Arab and Western worlds. The faculty aspires to be a leader locally and globally in developing education and pharmaceutical research. In addition to upgrading the provision of pharmaceutical care in pursuit of a distinguished future in treatment services, adding new developments in pharmaceutical scientific research, and promoting the culture of good pharmaceutical care. The faculty is also engaged in providing services to the local community, cooperating with various pharmaceutical and medical institutions.

· The Faculty of Pharmacy building oversees 18 teaching laboratories, of which 3 labs are dedicated for scientific research; teaching classrooms and an auditorium for academic activities. The building also includes a workshop hall and seminar rooms, a virtual pharmacy, a computer laboratory, a cell culture laboratory, as well as administrative, academic and technical offices. The Faculty has access to a nationally distinguished animal facility that provides the Faculty with the necessary laboratory animals for teaching and scientific research purposes, and special research rooms.

· The faculty is unique among its counterparts in Jordan with the Honorary Research Program for undergraduate students, which gives them the opportunity to engage in research projects. It also provides the opportunity for undergraduate students to eventually get a scholarship in a prestigious international university to complete their higher education.

· The faculty also features a Master’s Program in Pharmaceutical Sciences that started in 2012, and has proven remarkable success, given the number of students affiliated with the program. What also distinguishes the program is the availability of research laboratories equipped with the modern devices and equipment as well as the diversity of research fields, reflected in the outstanding research conducted and published in prestigious international journals.