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A list of competencies for the ASU graduates

The Bachelor of Pharmacy Program at ASU is accredited by the Jordanian Higher Education Accreditation Commission (HEAC). It complies with all HEAC regulations.

The Faculty’s Goals include:

· To graduate highly qualified pharmacists at the local, regional and global level.

· To create a distinguished academic cadre that follows modern teaching and learning methods.

· To communicate with the local community in order to provide the best services.

· To serve the Faculty's goals, the Bachelor of Pharmacy program at ASU covers a broad range of courses, and provides the students with diverse opportunities to acquire the anticipated competencies expected after graduating.

The students graduating from the Bachelor of Pharmacy Program must be able to demonstrate competencies in the following areas:

A- Foundational Knowledge:

To be able to integrate basic and pharmaceutical sciences knowledge to make medication therapy (and phytotherapy) related decision.

B- Pharmacy Practice competencies:

To have the knowledge of pharmacy practice in various fields, that is to include community pharmacy, clinical, industrial and pharmaceutical fields.

C- Approaches to Pharmacy Practice Competencies:

To acquire the skills needed for community and clinical professional fields.

D- Industrial and Pharmaceutical Formulation Competencies:

To acquire the skills needed for industrial and pharmaceutical professional fields.

E- Personal and Professional Development Competencies:

To have communication skills, managerial and marketing skills, problem-solving skills, and other related skills.

F- To have the knowledge of local Pharmacy laws, Regulations and Ethics.

To download Course Competancies Map​ click here