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Waste management in informal settlements and camps in the Middle East and North Africa (Jordan is a study example)

On Tuesday, 4/23/2024, the College of Engineering and Technology, in coordination with the...

The Applied Science University has dominated the Middle Eastern academic landscape as recognized by the British Capital Finance International

For four consecutive years, the Applied Science University has dominated the Middle Eastern...

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ASU Keeps Excellent places in Professional Association Exams​

ASU Keeps Excellent Places in Professional Association Exams, Ranking among top Jordanian Universities in BAR by 94%.

According to the Jordanian BAR's admission exam, 16 of 17 ASU graduates managed to pass, making 94%. For several years, ASU occupied 100%.

Head of the Public Liberties Commission and member of the test training committee Waleed Al-Adwan said that the outcomes of Jordanian universities during the pandemic were moderate, as 450 students failed. 

 A New Athletic Achievement for ASU Students...

A team from the ASU achieved first place in the Badminton Championship for Jordanian Universities, which was held recently in Aqaba, and the team consists of female students: Damoo Amr, Farah Sami, and Aya Masoud. In the championship, The ASU team beat the University of Jordan team in the semifinals, and the Jordan University of Science and Technology team in the final match, so the championship was decided in favor of the ASU. We congratulate the distinguished students for this achievement, and we thank the Deanship of Student Affairs and those in charge of training the sports teams at the university, and we wish all ASU students more achievements, God willing.​

​​​ASU continues its journey in excellence... ​

​​​The first place was granted to the Applied Science Private University during its participation in the first scientific research contest organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The contest was held at the level of the undergraduate program and the level of postgraduate studies among 11 public and private universities and 19 research participants. The contest revolved around writing an article on international humanitarian law titled "The Missing Persons". Two students from the Faculty of Law have won first place each. Student Yara Al-Abadi won first place in the category of researchers from undergraduate students for her research on "Missing Persons Under the Umbrella of International Humanitarian Law". Furthermore, student Juman Al-Khatib won first place in the postgraduate research category for her research "The Missing Persons".​