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The participation of the International Relations Office in the Erasmus Plus national meeting

The International Relations Office at the Applied Science Private University participated in...

The Applied Science Private University is ranked first in e-learning locally, according to the QS Stars international assessment

The top ranks have become one of the priorities of our policy, our efforts, and our educational...

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ASU Keeps Excellent places in Professional Association Exams​

ASU Keeps Excellent Places in Professional Association Exams, Ranking among top Jordanian Universities in BAR by 94%.

According to the Jordanian BAR's admission exam, 16 of 17 ASU graduates managed to pass, making 94%. For several years, ASU occupied 100%.

Head of the Public Liberties Commission and member of the test training committee Waleed Al-Adwan said that the outcomes of Jordanian universities during the pandemic were moderate, as 450 students failed. 

TheASU makes a Distinguished Athletic Achievement among Public and Private Universities

ASU students took part in the ping pong tournament held by the Sport Federation of Jordanian Universities. They occupied the following advanced positions as: First of singles/males, Second of teams/males, Second of singles/females, and Third of teams/females.

ASU has honored these students for their distinction so they can be encouraged to go through other challenges at the national and international levels. Such perseverance by students, staff and administration would keep ASU's excellence.

Keep up the hard work!​

The centennial founding of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan's logo

Jordan celebrates the centenary of the founding of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. On this glorious occasion, we can only recall the story of struggle and sacrifice that the Hashemites embodied along with the generations of Jordanians to build the most stable and inspiring national model in the region.

It is worth noting that student Aya Obaid from the Faculty of Art and Design at the Applied Science Private University has designed the approved logo for the centenary of the founding of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. She participated in the Centennial Founding Logo competition for the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan organized by the Ministry of Culture. Her design was chosen to be approved for the Kingdom's celebrations, which summarizes a long story Of evolution, success, and continuity.​