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A training workshop for university faculty members on the use of Out look techniques

In continuation of the activities of the Center for the Development of the Teaching Staff at...

The Faculty of Art and Design at the Applied Science Private University participates in the international meeting of universities that teach art and design.

The Faculty of Arts and Design participated in the virtual meeting called by the International...

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Typoday Amman 2020 sponsored by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal

The Faculty of Art and Design hosted the 13th International Conference, Typoday Amman 2020, with attendees from Jordan, India, Lebanon, Europe, and America. The conference included the opening of the international student work exhibition in the typography and exhibition of the work of Jordanian university students, in addition to many workshops for students and those interested in design from inside and outside Jordan.

The Faculty of Engineering launches the Engineering Scientific Experiences Exhibition ENGINEERING SCIENTIFIC EXPERIMENTS FAIR

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology has set up an exhibition of scientific engineering experiments. The exhibition aims to introduce students to the various types of science in a creative and innovative way through the work of scientific, enjoyable and easy to understand experiments. Including topics related to the science presented by a specialized team of faculty members, engineers, and university students who are creative, in addition to some experiments performed by students to further consolidate the information in their minds.

Applied Science Private University leads the ranks as the first among sixteen Jordanian universities in the moot court election contest

The Faculty of Law at the Applied Science Private University ranked as the first place in the competition of electoral moot courts organized by the Independent Election Commission in cooperation with the Partnership Program and the United States Agency for International Development with the participation of 16 Jordanian universities held on Saturday 7/3/2020.​