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Research Center


Scientific Research Committee

Tasks of the Committee:

1. Encourage scientific research in the faculty.

2. Provide advice and support to faculty members to enable them to carry out scientific research.

3. Review of research that apply for financial support from the university projects, and take the appropriate recommendations.

4. Improve faculty members’ skills through seminars, workshops, and scientific days at the faculty.

5. Review of research projects to the extent of its commitment to ethics and the ethics of scientific research.

6. Identify the difficulties in conducting scientific research in the faculty.

7. Find external support at the local and global level for research projects.

8. Submit proposals for the development of public policy for Scientific Research and the means of implementation, in line with global developments.

9. Implement university policies in the areas of scientific research.

10. Examine the research projects/proposals submitted by MSN students and give approvals, each according to his/her project.