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Maternal and Child Health Nursing



This department deals with the courses that include practical applications of the pregnant mother in the different stages of pregnancy, as well as nursing care for a newborn and children at different stages of growth. The students apply the different roles of parent and family education regarding methods of contraception and how to care for newborns. The students learn methods of disease prevention and high risk child & mother as well as considering physical, psychological and social status to provide comprehensive care. 


1. Provide comprehensive health care for mothers and children in different community settings.

2. Provide consultations and health awareness for mothers and children through the provision of nursing care.

3. Develop the students’ skills to deal with the chronic diseases and the critical cases with respect to caring of mothers and pediatric.

4. Use the methods of care that lead ​to promote and maintain the health of the mother and the child.

5. Maintain updating with the developmentsin the care of mother and child.

6. Get use of the scientific research findings in the area of mother and child care.