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Community Health Nursing



This department provides courses that assist the students to apply nursing skills to individuals, families and communities. It focuses on improving the health of individuals and families within the framework of nursing process at place of residence, work sites and different community settings.

The students usually learn the communication skills and understand the cultural, economic and environmental issues that affect the health of the community. A comprehensive care is applied to different groups in the community including elderly,mental health and populations with special needs.


1. Apply the concepts and foundations that refer to community health nursing.
2. Develop the communication skills in coordination and cooperation with all health team members.
3. Assess the impact of the services provided to the family and society through observation, analysis and performance evaluation.
4. Apply the theories and concepts related to caring of elderly people in the community.
5. Increase the community understanding of all related topics that lead to health promotion and disease prevention.
6. Get use of the results through scientific research for the development of community care.​