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Assurance of learning

​Faculty End-of-Program Students Outcomes (EPSLOs) are:

  • EPSLO1: Demonstrate the role of Competent Nurse in providing quality nursing care for individuals, families and groups
  • EPSLO 2: Match updated knowledge and findings of scientific research in the application of evidence based practice
  • EPSLO 3: Connect effective professional communication skills and attitudes with individuals, families, groups and health care providers.
  • EPSLO 4: Demonstrate the leadership roles in various health care settings.
  • EPSLO 5: Illustrate critical thinking and problem solving skills while providing care for individuals, families and groups.
  • EPSLO 6: Propose​ safety measures and risk management plans to improve the quality of care.
  • EPSLO 7: Identify population focused care incorporating concepts of global health perspectives, health promotion, restoration, maintenance and disease and injury prevention
  • EPSLO 8: consider cost-effective care incorporating concepts of health economic issues.