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ASU announces the results of " Hajj Abdullah Abu Khadija Competition for the interpretation of Surat Al-Maida

​​​Amman - The Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies at the Applied Science Private University announced the results of the third Haj Abdullah Abu Khadija competition, may God have mercy on him on his soul, for interpretation. The contestants, who were nearly 1,000, participated in the interpretation of Surat Al-Maeda.


This competition aims to connect the young generation with the Book of God Almighty and consolidate religious concepts and Islamic moral values among Jordanian youth. The Applied Science Private University seeks, through this competition and other competitions, aimed at raising a generation that has kept the book of God Almighty and is familiar with the interpretations of Quranic verses.


Contestants from all governorates of the Kingdom participated, where Amal Abdullah Abu Zaghleh, Eman Hussein Akour, and Muhammad Ahmad Al-Qudah won the first place. In contrast, those who won the first sixty places were honored.


It is noteworthy that the Applied Sciences Private University holds multiple annual competitions for university students and the local community. It also provides scholarships for students studying in Sharia and Islamic studies where distinguished scientific, ethical, and skillful students are selected to study Islamic law, as part of the university’s policy in nurturing the distinguished to become influential scholars and social leaders.

The Excellence Grant for the Study of Sharia is renewed annually by the recipient’s fulfillment of the continuity conditions of the grant. It is administered by the Academic and Values Development Center at the university.​