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Exploring Collaborative Opportunities between the Applied Science Private University and the Yemeni Cultural Attaché


The Applied Science Private University recently hosted Her Excellency Dr. Qibla Muhammad Al-Saeed, the Yemeni Cultural Attaché, along with her accompanying delegation. The meeting centered around deliberations concerning potential avenues of collaboration to fortify relations between the two entities. Additionally, various topics concerning Yemeni students were addressed.

During the interaction, the Yemeni Cultural Attaché conveyed her gratitude for the comprehensive student services offered by the university. She also commended the institution for its remarkable strides in scientific advancements, which have led to the attainment of the highest international evaluations and accreditations at both local and global levels. Furthermore, she was informed about the university's ongoing endeavor to construct a Faculty of Dentistry equipped with cutting-edge medical and scientific specifications.

From the university's standpoint, a firm commitment to maintaining the caliber of educational outcomes was emphasized. The university reiterated its dedication to nurturing students from the Yemeni community and all students of the institution. The Cultural Attaché's sincere interest in the Yemeni student body within the university was highly praised, recognizing their continuous engagement with students' affairs. The university extended its appreciation for the Cultural Attaché's proactive involvement.