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ASU faculty members continue to receive international awards...

Dr. Mona Khandakji received the 2023 Venus International Award for Distinguished Woman in Academic Achievement in Mathematical Sciences.

Venus International Foundation awarded a faculty member at the Applied Science Private University / Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Dr. Mona Khandakji, the Venus International Award for Distinguished Women in Academic Achievement in Mathematical Sciences for the year 2023 based on the report of the expert committee and the Supreme Committee of the award. This award is presented by the Center for Advanced Research and Design (CARD) to Venus International  Foundation (VIF) based on the standards of the International Organizations Expert and Apex and the recommendation of its jury and experts.

The award will be received during the Annual Women’s Meet (AWM), which is concerned with supporting women globally in the academic field and scientific research and held by Venus International Foundation in March 2023  in Chennai, India. The award is granted to distinguished women in the academic sector according to five categories. The nomination for the award includes several conditions; the candidate must have a higher academic degree, have published some research in refereed journals, and have an exceptional record of contributing to her specialization and community service.