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ASU Organizes Promising Translator (4th Edition)


ASU's Department of English Language & Translation of the Faculty of Arts and Science held the 4th edition of the Promising Translator contest 2022, which was joined by about 100 public and private schools. It saw active participation by about 400 students and 100 English teacher supervisors.

The opening ceremony included some cultural competitions for the students, and the supervisors attended a workshop on “Educational Tools to Handle Behavior."

The final event took place on Thursday, 17 March 2022 to announce the winners, who are granted scholarships up to 75% in ASU's Translation and Literature specializations. In addition, some distinguished teams were given ASU's cup, and all the schools took ASU's shield in appreciation for their participation.

As for the top grants, the winners were as follows:

1.    Saba Al-Khreisha of the Universal Civilizations Academy (12th grade)

2.    Usama Al-Qudah of the International Pioneers Academy Schools (11th grade)

3.    Tala Al-Najjar of Oxford Schools (10th grade)

As for the second place, the winners were:

1.    Rania Siyam of Rawdat Al-Maaref Schools & College (12th grade)

2.    Amal Bitar of the Islamic Educational College Schools (11th grade)

3.    Omar Shawaqfa of the Modern Systems Schools (10th grade)

The third position went to:

1.    Aya Ghatasha of Darussalam School (12th grade)

2.    Rama Al-Sabatin of the Omareyah Schools (11th grade)

3.    Raneem Al-Hamad of Retaal International Academy (10th grade)

ASU's cup was also granted to those schools which collected top total points.

On the one hand, the top positions among private schools were as follows:

First: Sands National Academy

Second: AlFareed Model School

Third: Al-Orouba Schools

On the other hand, the top positions among public schools were as follows:

First: Tla' Al-Ali Secondary School for Girls

Second: Wadi Al-Seir Secondary School

Third: Sweileh Secondary School for Girls

Furthermore, ASU's cup went to those with the most beautiful handwritings, as follows:

·         First female student: Tala Ali Al-Qassas of Al-Sabilah Schools

·         First male student: Mohammad Al-Aqarba of Al-Ittihad Secondary School

·         Second female student: Shahd Baha'uddin Al-Zughoul of Al-Ettifaq International Academy

·         Second male student: Mohammad Al-Wureikat of AlFarid Star Schools and Academy.