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Robots Football Match

​​​The students' development committee at the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) has run the first robotics football competition under the title of Robots Football Match. The match took place on Wednesday 16th January 2018 at the faculty's main square using the Robot Lego Mindstorm Nxt. During the previous two months, a group of students have learned how to integrate and develop customised type of robots to run the robotics football match.  Each group has programmed two types of robots. The first robot was programmed as attacker and the second as goal keeper.  The students have planned and designed the playing area in the form of black boundaries at main FIT square. The robots should not cross over the boundaries. According to what has been programmed, if any of the boundaries is crossed by a robot, the robot should turn around back to the permitted playing area. The players controlled the game through their mobile wirelessly.  This match was supervised by Dr. Mahmoud Al-Bashayreh, his assistant the student, Marah Deebas; who is the head of the students' development committee; and Waleed Sowwan, who was the last year winner in Roboics Somo Fight Competition.


The football match started at 13:00 and finished within 8 mints within two rounds. Each round has allocated 4 mints.  At the end, SkyNet team was announced as the winner with a result of 4-1, where team details are as follow:

 a ​First Team: SkyNet

Students as Players:

SkyNet Team

1-Ashraf Mohamed Amin Attieh

2-Ibrahim Shaher Hussein Al - Ahmad

3-Ahmed Abdulla Al Rifai

4-Burhan Manji Eddin Rizk

5-Haretha Abdul Ameer Khudair  Khudair

6- Reema Osman Hanafieh


Second Team: Grendizers

Students as Players:

1- Yazeed Mofeed Al-Abdullah

2-Yousef Salah Al - Najjar

3-Abdulla Ehab Awad

4- Muhammed Hussam Ashour