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The distinguished Applied Science Private University's students continue to win the first places


Nagham El Sowairi from the Applied Science Private University wins first place in RISE TALENT CONSENT.

Student Nagham Al-Sweiri from the Faculty of Art and Design at the Applied Science Private University won first place in art in the third edition competitions of RISE Talent, a nationwide talent competition, open in four categories of dance, singing, arts, and music for this year 2020, affiliated to the National Institutes of Culture in the Federation European (EUNIC).

It is worth noting that Nagham Al-Sweiri is a student in interior design in the second year, one of the outstanding students in the Faculty, and is distinguished by her performance, dedication, and artistic sense. In an interview with her, she said, "I entered my major out of my love and passion for art because I aspire to employ my art and my talent in design and other fields. I won first place in the Excellence Scholarship competition for the Applied Science Private University at the Faculty of Art and Design with a 100% scholarship."

It is noteworthy that the RTC Emerging Talent Competition is the largest in the Kingdom, funded by the European Union in Jordan and organized by EUNIC Jordan. Talents were invited at the beginning of the year, which enables qualified individuals, especially those residing in Jordan between the ages of 18-29, to show their talents through an online video application before October 10, 2020, and a jury of experts has considered the applications to select the finalists. Based on the fact that everyone has competed for one stage in November 2020, in light of the epidemic and in accordance with safety procedures, the final results were shown by video after it was produced and broadcasted on TV.