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The Applied Science Private University is once again crowned with five stars in e-learning within the international classification (QS Stars Ratings)

The university culminated by obtaining five stars (the highest rating) in the international classification (QS Stars Ratings) in the field of e-learning or distance education. It is the highest rating granted by this international organization as it evaluates the performance of universities on a scale that starts below with a star (1 Star) and culminates above with five 5 Stars.

This classification evaluates the university in 7 areas related to distance education, namely:

Communication between faculty and students, services and technology provided to students, the ratio of the number of students to the number of faculty members, the interaction between faculty and students, physical resources and electronic resources, commitment to e-learning, and a record of achievements in the field of distance education.


Despite the great challenges imposed by the Corona pandemic on the local and global community as a whole, the Applied Science Private University continued its educational path with success and excellence in various fields. It turned these challenges into opportunities for creativity and excellence. Hence, it modernized its facilities and infrastructure and developed its capabilities and human resources to deal with what the pandemic imposed. Thus, despite the pandemic being one of the restrictions, the university continues its path and performs its educational mission to serve its students and society with all professionalism and craftsmanship.


With this brilliant achievement, the Applied Science Private University begins its new academic year and congratulates its family of academics, administrators, and students near the start of the academic year. It also welcomes its new students and wishes them all success and that they also have an active role in achieving more achievements for themselves, their university, and their nation.