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The Applied Science Private University is ranked first in e-learning locally, according to the QS Stars international assessment

The top ranks have become one of the priorities of our policy, our efforts, and our educational vision, even in exceptional circumstances. We do not accept anything but to be distinguished and even unique.

According to the international assessment of QS Stars, the Applied Science Private University is the first in e-learning locally.

The University received five stars in the QS Stars global evaluation of e-learning, which is the highest evaluation that a global university can obtain. Thus, the University was ranked the first in Jordan and the third in the Middle East in e-learning among private and public universities.

The QS Stars international assessment measures the quality of e-learning in universities, where the University obtained a total of 94 marks out of 100, distributed over a set of criteria: Student-faculty participation, student-faculty ratio, student services and technology, index over time, amount of e-learning classes, level of student engagement, online outsourcing, and commitment to e-learning.

The University was, by all means, worthy of this evaluation, as the distant learning process witnessed a clear distinction in terms of the integrated infrastructure and the well-trained distinguished academic and administrative cadres. Moreover, its diligent students proved that nothing could prevent them from committing their lectures with their discipline and excellence.

We congratulate the University for this distinction, which is only the tip of the iceberg of outstanding achievements.