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The Applied Science Private University’s Faculty of Pharmacy wins third place in the pharmaceutical scientific competition

Amman - The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Applied Science Private University won third place in the scientific pharmaceutical competition held by the RBCs team, where the Vice President / Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, Prof. Iman Bashiti, was honored. Each of the students, Ghadir Hassan, Lilas Al Sahn, and Nadine Al Nasser, distinguished and excelled In the competition, they represented the university well.

The competition aimed at enriching the pharmaceutical, scientific content, and spreading the spirit of competition and challenge among students of pharmacy faculties in various public and private universities.

It is noteworthy that 43 teams representing 14 Jordanian universities participated in the competition.

The results were announced, and the female students were honored in the presence of His Excellency, the Minister of Youth, Faris Braizat, and the deans and doctors of the Faculties of Pharmacy.​