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Conclusion of the activities of the "ASU Promising Media Reporter Contest" at the Applied Science Private University

Amman - The Applied Science Private University has concluded the activities of the Applied Media Contest, organized by the university in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, with the aim of developing students' talents in various media arts, discovering promising media talents, and building a balanced media culture that draws the truth away from rumor. 


The President of the University, Prof. Mahfouz Judeh, honored the winning students, in the presence of the representative of the Minister of Education, Professor Mahmoud Hiyasat, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Dr. Haitham Abu Khadija, the Vice President of the University Prof. Iman Bashiti and the Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Science, Dr. Hadeel Al-Saed. Dr. Judah honored the jury for the competition represented by His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Al-Momani, the media figure Lana Al-Qusous, and the presenter of the media contest Doaa Al-Sharrouf. 

University President Prof. Juda said in his speech during the honoring ceremony: "In line with the university's mission, which includes serving the local community, we hold this competition, which highlights the creativity of distinguished students from the local community and university students, and is an embodiment of the university's vision and mission that includes continuous improvement. In the field of higher education, scientific research, the university environment, and the focus on students and community service, in order to bring the university to a privileged position among universities in the world. " 

It is noteworthy that the university has honored the participating students of people of determination (those with special needs) from the Al-Amal School for the Deaf and Mute, in appreciation of their efforts, distinction, and challenges to all circumstances to participate in the activities of the local community. 

The competition included several axes in which university students, in addition to high school students from various schools in the Kingdom, participated in: media in the era of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the role of the media in defending Islam, female informatics, and the outlook of society, media and human rights - its role and influence, the features of modern digital media, and the influence of the media on The opinion of the individual and society. ​

And for the following university students category, their names won: First place - Faculty of Engineering and Technology student Alya Nader Zawawi, second place - graduate of the Faculty of Sharia and Islamic Studies Islam Mahmoud Rahib Salih, and third place - graduate of the Faculty of Art and Design Hala Ayman Abu Al-Failat.