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ASU Signs Memorandum of Understanding with Libyan Embassy

ASU has hosted a Libyan delegation of Prof. Ahmed Al-Dweik, Cultural Consultant at the Embassy, Prof. Ramadan Al-Madani, Head of the Libyan Academy for Postgraduate Studies, Prof. Jamal Al-Fardagh, Advisor at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Prof. Faisal Al-Abdali, Director General of the Libyan Authority for Scientific Research, and Mr. Salih Ihmeid, Cultural Attaché assistant.

A memorandum of understanding for academic cooperation has been signed between LAPS and ASU. It aims at joint action in the fields of research, seminars, conferences, student and faculty exchange, postgraduate programs, and production and exchange of publications.

The agreements embody the principle of cooperation in the aspects of research, culture, development, training, and dissemination of knowledge among nations, as well as stressing the role played by universities in boosting the education and research levels. Such bridges of academic and cultural cooperation also contribute to enhancing awareness among peoples towards further advancement, recognizing the significance of joint action to boost the educational process.

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