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The Applied Science Private University continues its journey in excellence

The first place was granted to the Applied Science Private University during its participation in the first scientific research contest organized by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The contest was held at the level of the undergraduate program and the level of postgraduate studies among 11 public and private universities and 19 research participants. The contest revolved around writing an article on international humanitarian law titled "The Missing Persons". 

Two students from the Faculty of Law have won first place each. Student Yara Al-Abadi won first place in the category of researchers from undergraduate students for her research on "Missing Persons Under the Umbrella of International Humanitarian Law". Furthermore, student Juman Al-Khatib won first place in the postgraduate research category for her research "The Missing Persons". 

This competition comes in its first edition in Jordan to encourage law students in Jordanian universities to familiarize themselves with and study international humanitarian law. Experts in international humanitarian law judged the competition. 

Honors and prizes were awarded to the winning researchers by the head of the ICRC delegation in Jordan, Ms. Sarah Avriloud. 

We congratulate our two students, Yara Al-Abadi and Juman Al-Khatib, and we wish them, and all our students continued excellence and creativity. ​