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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Distinguished Faculty Ambassadors and Liaison Officers Honored

ASU's Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center honored the ambassadors and liaison officers who had excellent performance in their faculties in the first semester of the academic year 2021/2022. These students and faculty members actively took part in on- and off-campus competitions, occupying advanced positions, and attended innovation and entrepreneurship workshops.

The IEC has adopted a monthly follow-up of the faculties' performance since the commencement of the year in a bid to provide semester assessment. Such a mechanism promotes continuous distinction for all the faculties.

The faculties honored were as follows:

Engineering & Technology: Dr. Mohammad Nasr and student Abdullah Al-Ashraf

Information Technology: Dr. Yusra Odeh and student Tala Al-Akhras

Pharmacy: Dr. Ala' Abu-Awad and student Mohammad Al-Ustath.​

Wishing all the faculties further progress.​