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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Holds This Year’s Finals for “Entrepreneurship Incubation Program”

The Entrepreneurship Incubation Program finals for the 1st season were organized with 45 projects presented by students from various ASU faculties, five of which qualified as truly entrepreneur. They were judged by a committee of entrepreneurs from the labor market, made up of Mr. Mohammad Thikrallah, Mr. Suleiman Shannak, and Mr. Khaldoun Aqel, joined by the Center Director Dr. Yousra Odeh.
The winning projects were as follows:
- Shatla: by students Mutaz Al-Shareef, Ghaith Al-Hajjaj, Khaled Dabbour, and Mohammad Abu-Kawsh
- Hippy, by students Mu’ath Abdul-Rahim, Omar Al-Wadi, Akram Al-Bal’awi, Abdullah Taqiyyuddin, and Mohammad Dawood.
Congratulations for the winners and best wishes for the next season projects.