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ASU First Jordanian University to Have IAIDL Center

Within its vision to keep up with developments and boost the students' skills in all fields, ASU has managed to be the first University in Jordan to obtain an official permission for an International Artificial Intelligence Driving License Center (IAIDL) through the Faculty of Information Technology. As a result, ASU students will be able, from the summer semester, to register in the IAIDL courses as well as sit its international exam in the Faculty.

In our age, it is necessary to realize the concepts and factors governing artificial intelligence and data science in relation to all fields in order to cope with technological progress.

AI improves the performance of organizations with all their types and products by means of automating the operations and tasks which used to require human effort. It can also 'understand' data much better than any human can do, which would have great benefits to those institutions where our graduates work regardless of their specializations. Since it has already been used by most organizations, demand will increase on graduates of all majors who are well-versed in AI concepts so they can raise productivity. AI applications are expected to be an integral part of our daily life, which makes it essential for university students to learn about AI aspects and concepts irrespective of their specializations. As is the case with Computer Skills being a compulsory course for all majors so that graduates can master their professions, the same will apply to AI concepts and applications in the near future.

The licensing would support the IT's recent introduction of the bachelor in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, which will receive its first batch in the upcoming first semester.