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HE Taher Al-Masri at ASU to Mark King Abdulla II’s Birthday

​Amman – ASU celebrated King Abdullah II’s 56th birthday. The event was joined by former PM HE Taher Al-Masri.

Al-Masri was received by ASU President Professor Mahfouz Jouda, Vice-head of the Trustees Board Dr. Haytham Abu-Khadeeja and Vice-president Professor Sameeha Jarrah.

The guest voiced delight to witness the occasion. He said Jordan is a hub of security and stability, where his majesty constitutes the symbol of the good country and the patron of security and belonging.

The king always visits different world countries to defend the Arab issues, in general, and the Palestinian cause, in particular, in order to present solutions to the difficulties of our countries and region, according to Al-Masri.

Jordanians should stand firmly on the side of his majesty to face the many regional problems affecting the homeland in the economic, political and social fields, and they have already managed to alleviate the impact of such suffering and conflicts, he added.

He also stressed the king’s distinguished role in advocating the Islamic and Christian holy places of Palestine. “Jordan is the closest to Palestine. We commend the king’s external achievements with reference to the defense of Jordan, Jerusalem and Palestine.”

He also addressed ASU students: “In the near future, you will go to life to find positions in the community and Jordanian progress. You will be – God willing – up to the responsibility, good citizens and soldiers to defend the homeland, equipped with knowledge and virtue.”

“We are in the heart of the Arab World. Thus, the Jordanian diplomacy is hard and careful. We should have determination to secure the continuity of the track of good and giving, especially in light of all the conditions and political and economic challenges,” he concluded.

Jouda talked about the accomplishments made in the king’s era, mainly those in education, which is one of the top sectors in the Arab World.

Higher education in Jordan has made confident and steady steps, seen in the excellence of the Jordanian universities’ alumni, he said.

In his turn, Abu-Khadeeja welcomed the guest, valuing the wisdom of King Abdullah II’s policy.

Jordan has become a hub of security and stability, thanks to the wise Hashemite leadership – which has attracted fellow Arabs looking for education and investment, he added.

Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Asmahan Al-Taher, the master of ceremonies, also introduced a video about ASU and some poetry.

Finally, Al-Masri was presented ASU’s shield in appreciation for the efforts and achievements he had made to the kingdom.