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Extended-Reality and Games Development is a new specialization for the Faculty of Information Technology after the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Higher Education Accreditation Commission to develop it

 Extended-Reality and Games Development is a four-year undergraduate program to obtain a bachelor's degree from the Faculty of Information Technology. The program is the first of its kind in Jordan and the region and aims to provide students with an outstanding education that integrates Extended-Reality and games development.
Extended Reality, or Extended Reality-XR, is an umbrella under which virtual Reality (VR),  Augmented Reality (AR), and Mixed Reality (MR)  are involved. The world of information technology has recently witnessed intense competition between the technology industry's giants to acquire Extended Reality technologies, referred to as the metaverse. There is no doubt that the trend now in modern technology is for Extended Reality, as most social platforms, such as Facebook, have become reliant on it. 
Extended Reality will also be embedded in the educational process in schools and universities, not to mention that the online shopping process will be through Extended Reality. In addition, currently, Extended Reality is used in dangerous fields such as chemical and biological laboratories, pilot training, maritime navigation, medicine, pharmacy, and other fields. Thus, courses in Extended Reality are included in this program to qualify students to deal with modern developments and challenges.
In the field of games development, a recent study conducted from 2019 to 2026 showed that the gaming market is growing significantly over the coming years. What is striking is the expected growth in the gaming industry using Extended Reality technologies. Moreover, according to a global survey of IT executives, startup founders, and investors, 60% believe that the gaming industry, in general, and the Extended Reality gaming industry, in particular, will dominate new investments worldwide. 
Our program focuses on the practical aspect, where practical subjects constitute 65% of compulsory program courses. The program is also distinct, as specialized laboratories are dedicated to games and their development. Nevertheless, the program provides practical experiences to develop the learners' skills and direct their career paths in line with the current and future needs of the labor market.