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Applied Science Private University Founded Digital (Electronic) Media Specialization

​Amman - In line with the requirements of our current times, the remarkable technological transformations, and renaissance the world has witnessed, the Applied Science Private University announces the start of admission to the (electronic) Digital Media major, as the major focuses on employing modern technology in the fields of media to provide a renewable technological media field.

The digital media specialization covers many areas: modern media technologies, digital journalism, digital photography, and digital radio and television.

The teaching of digital (electronic) media is also distinguished by its focus on the practical, applied aspect. This is helped by the availability of radio and television studios with the latest modern technologies to prepare broadcasters and program presenters who are familiar with their tools and skills.


The Applied Science Private University offers discounts and incentives for students wishing to register in the (electronic) digital media major, and an additional 10% discount on the current discount for members of the Jordanian Journalists Syndicate and their children who wish to study this specialization, to know these incentive grants: