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IT Launches 6th Version of Capture the Flag ASU

ASU's Faculty of Information Technology organized the Capture the Flag ASU (6th version) cybersecurity contest.  Over 30 teams competed for 6 hours to solve a host of security challenges which mimic real situations. Such events, which complement the theoretical background offered by the faculty, are held at a regular basis.

This year it was of the Jeopardy type, which includes several aspects, such as encryption, web application test, reverse engineering, and digital criminal investigation. These would provide the participants with up-to-date tools and strategies to identify security gaps and boost communication skills.

At the conclusion, the top three following teams were honored:


  • ·  Omar Menwer
  • ·  Omar Ja'far
  • ·   Ziad Al-Tasleq


  • ·  Mohammad Aqel
  • ·   Omar Ajaj
  • ·    Ammar Al-Hassan


  • ·  Bara' Al-Masri
  • ·  Yousef Shahin
  • ·   ​Mohammad Shamali

In addition, tribute was paid to the student organizers, namely: Anas Mousa Mohammad, Seifuddin Al-Ansari, Hamza Abdul-Rahim, Mohammad Ali Al-Handoosh, and Mohammad Al-Falaila.