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ASU concludes its second version of the "ASU Journalist" contest...


ASU celebrated the winners of the second version of the ASU Journalist contest for secondary school students (current 11th and 12th graders) and Jordanian University students in the presence of the committee consisting of Samih Al-Maaytah, former Minister of State for Media Affairs, Fayek Al-Hijazeen, Director General of the Jordan News Agency, Petra, the journalist, Randa Azar, and representatives of Jordanian public and private universities and the local media.
The ceremony included various artistic segments; a documentary film was shown on the details of the award, in addition to honoring all the participating students and the representatives of the Jordanian media.
 On his part, the head of the committee, Samih Al-Maaytah, who handed out the prizes, said that the contest aimed to expand the editorial media rules among students and help them discover all types of talents; cultural, scientific, artistic, or journalistic talents.
The Director General of the Media Authority, Lawyer Tariq Abu Al-Ragheb, spoke about the importance of these contests launched by the university in line with the interest in the youth sector to nurture their talents, enhance their capabilities, and encourage them to participate in public life.
The ceremony was concluded by announcing the contest results and distributing prizes to the winners. The results were as follows:
For the category of Jordanian university students, the student "Jana Hussein Al-Omari" won first place and a cash prize of 300 Jordanian dinars. The student "Bushra Hassan Al-Balawnah" won second place and received a cash prize of 200 Jordanian dinars. In addition, the student "Celine Amjad Karaja" won third place and a cash prize of 100 Jordanian dinars.
As for the school students' category, the student "Aya Motasem Abdel-Qader" won first place and a full scholarship to study digital media (electronic), and the student "Masa Moataz Abu Ghosh" won second place and a 75% scholarship to study Media. Finally, the student "Maryam Muhammad Al-Rousan" won third place and a 50% scholarship to study digital media (electronic). 
ASU, with all its academic and administrative staff,  congratulates all the winners and wishes them and the other participants a bright future in Media.