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Setting Policy and Action Procedures Workshop at ASU

Amman – as ASU keeps up with technical, educational developments and attempts to advance the staff, the Faculty Development Center held a workshop titled Mechanism for Making Policies and Procedures at the University level. The aim was to review and develop ASU’s Policy and Procedure Manual as well as enhance the staff’s contribution to the both aspects, leading to the academic and administrative action compliance with the required quality standards.
Vice-president and Head of the FDC Professor Sameeha Jarrah said the activity had witnessed the exchange of meaningful thoughts and suggestions. The discussion covered several topics related to developing performance in a way that goes in line with current regulations.
The event concluded by stressing the development of the manual in order to facilitate the procedures for all ASU’s faculties and departments. On the other hand, the suggestions centered on amendments and improvements on policies according to the different faculties’ and departments’ needs to better the performance.
The activity also included a session by Ms. Ghadeer Al-Dweik. Among the topics were the Policy and Procedure concepts, mechanisms, stages, applications and worksheets, in addition to setting an action plan to regularly develop and review the Policy and Procedure Manual.
The event, held at ASU’s Administration Building, was attended by faculty deans and vice-deans, heads of academic and administrative departments and quality committees’ rapporteurs in the various faculties and academic departments.
Finally, President Professor Mahfouz Jouda presented certificates of appreciation to the participants.​