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Strategic Plan Setting Workshop at ASU

Wednesday 8 March 2017
The members of a central committee made up of higher academic and administrative leaderships headed by President Professor Mahfouz Jouda participated in a workshop titled Strategic Plan Setting. The activity was held at ASU in cooperation with the Higher Education Accreditation Commission. It was attended by Vice-president and Scientific Research and Higher Studies Dean Professor Sameeha Jarrah and Director of the Quality Assurance Professor Tha’er Al-Qaddoomi from ASU as well as Dr. Zaid Al-Bashaira and Dr. Ahmed Mansour from the HEAC. The participants reviewed ASU’s draft strategic plan based on pioneering and distinction in education and scientific research.
The scheme came upon the completion of the particular strategic plans for each of ASU’s faculty, center and section. Previously, a long series of workshops, sessions, analyses and questionnaires were conducted in a bid to examine all the inputs which guarantee the plan’s inclusion of all activities.
Jouda said that ASU’s strategic plan is considered a systematic mechanism to achieve the mission and vision springing from the perspectives and directives by Vice-head of the Trustees Board Dr. Haytham Abdullah Abu-Khadeeja.
Jarrah said that strategic planning at ASU is incessant. The Quality Office contacts different faculties and administrative departments to update the strategic plan according to the quality requirements, taking into consideration ASU’s mission, vision, objectives and core values. To this end, the Faculty Development Center held a series of meetings and workshops for the faculty and administrative staff to discuss concepts in quality and strategic planning. Furthermore, relevant committees were formed in faculties and administrative departments, documenting the aforementioned activities as well as gathering and analyzing data and feedback. They conducted studies and analyses and, then, set the strategic plan for ASU’s various sectors, paving the way for the Central Committee to formulate the overall plan, she explained.
Abd said the activity aimed at exploring the performance aspects to provide an appropriate atmosphere to advance and enrich the strategic planning process with elements which guarantee realism and inclusiveness. ASU realizes the challenges facing Higher Education to provide the qualified personnel capable of successful contribution to technical, social and economic development in a rapidly growing and changing world. More specifically, a straightforward vision and long experience are needed to achieve the 4 aspects: education, research, community service and organization & management, bearing in mind that strategic planning is an academic accreditation requirement by relevant national and international accreditation institutions, she added.