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ASU Comes 1st in Jordanian Engineers’ Association Contest

Student Zaid Issam Al-Kwaz and his bright Supervisor Architect Mazen Zuhdi Al-Nabulsi from ASU’s Faculty of Engineering occupied the first position in half at the kingdom level. They presented a proposal called Maintaining and Rehabilitating Mahallat Jadeed Hassan Pasha Area to the Jordanian Engineers’ Association’s Urban Planning and Design Contest for architecture graduation projects 2016.
Among the top 17 who won in the first stage for architectural design and qualified for the final stage were Student Shaima’ Abdul-Muttaleb Hamam and her Supervisor Architect Ala’ Hani Gammooh from ASU, with their project I am Recycled (Museum & Recycled).
From different Jordanian universities, 93 projects were presented, 15 of which were specialized in urban planning and design and the others in architectural design.
The works were judged by a national committee on 1 September 2016 for the first stage, and international experts were also consulted on 13 October 2016 for the second stage.
The committee consisted of the following judges:
Dr. Rassem Badran (Chairman)
Architect Ayman Zu’eiter
Architect Nimr Al-Bitar
Architect Isma’il Al-Tahhan
Architect Faris Abdul-Rahman
Architect Jamal Al-Jiffa
External judges:
Architect Tobias Lindemann - Germany
Dr. Kareem Najjar – Lebanon​