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Extraordinary Meeting for Faculty of Information Technology

Tuesday 18 October 2016
An orientation meeting gathered the department heads, faculty members and students of the Faculty of Information Technology in Ibn Rushd Auditorium.
The FIT Dean Dr. Mohammad Hijjawi opened the event by welcoming old and new students and commending their choice of ASU, in general, and FIT, in particular. He reviewed FIT data of interest to the students, like its foundation; distinguished educational achievements over the years which made it among its top national, Arab and international counterparts; number of students and faculty members; departments and specializations.
Hijjawi pointed to the distinction of FIT’s plans and concentration on the scientific and practical aspects, in addition to keeping up with latest advancements in IT, programming languages and databases.
The faculty members represent elites of varied experiences capable of developing future plans in a way that suits the labor market, he added.
He also highlighted the FIT’s continuing interest in holding partnerships with global companies.
Hijjawi referred to the will to obtain the US ABET accreditation for the computer science. That would secure quality in outcomes and empower ASU’s alumni to easily find jobs in public and private organizations as well as pursue graduate studies in the most prominent international universities.
He elaborated on the FIT’s educational plan as well as scientific and non-curricular activities for the next academic year.
The department heads are concerned for the academic, professional aspects alike by means of training programmes which include supportive life skills, he added.
President Professor Mahfouz Jouda stressed the significance of such meetings within an integrated scheme at ASU to guide old and new students, highlighting the Administration’s keenness on providing whatever is useful for the student.
Finally, Hijjawi answered the students’ queries and wished them a new year characterized by challenge, determination and success. On the other hand, the students voiced gratitude to the President, Dean and faculty members for their ongoing concern for communicating with them and listening to their suggestions.