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Faculty of Information Technology launches the international event “Hour Of Code”

The Faculty of Information Technology at ASU has launched the 1st edition of the international event “Hour Of Code” on Thursday 14th December 2017 that was organised by Dr. Yousra Odeh and the Women in FIT Community. The Hour Of Code is one of the biggest educational events that happens internationally and yearly from 4th – end December. The event aims at educating the participants how to do problem solving through programming and improving their programming skills using any programming language.  

The participation has few conditions. Each team must consist of four members who are in different levels in their academic years. The event started by presenting what is meant by Hour Of Code to the students. Then a challenge started between the teams. The objective behind the challenge is to improve students’ skills in programming in a competition atmosphere.  The challenge stops once the judges announce the first three winners.

Judges were Dr. Yousef Al-Qasrawi, Dr. Mahmoud Al-Bashayreh, Dr. Fadi Al-Masalha and Mr. Shadi Ayman. The challenge happened between 35 students and ended with 3 winners. At the end, the dean, Dr. Mohammed Hijjawi thanked and appreciated all participants.  Also, he highlighted how much it is important to participate in this kind of events in order improve students’ skills, that may not be acquired in the academic lectures. Finally, the dean distributed award to winners, participants and volunteers.