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Fawq Al-Sada Team in ASU

Wednesday 23 November 2016
Amman - ASU hosted the team for the TV shows Fawq Al-Sada and Tashweesh Wadhih. The event was organized by the Faculty of Information Technology, so the guests could talk about their experience from the beginning until their excellence in Jordanian comedy.
Hundrends of students attended the activity in the Conference Hall.
The team started by thanking ASU’s Administration, represented by President Professor Mahfouz Jouda, for the hosting and for allowing the students to learn about such a success story. The company produces the following programs: Fawq Al-Sada, Shakes Show, Klay and Bedia and Sa’d Ma Fi Minnu.
Jouda explained that ASU had absolute faith in the youth’s talents, with the team representing such a successful and aspiring model.
Students need to realize that their role is significant in the community and that the key for their success is sometimes in their disposal, requiring them only to direct their capabilities towards positive thinking and creativity, he added.
The business Executive Director Nasser Ja’roon said their start before the foundation came with an episode of Fawq Al-Sada in 2011. Then, the new organization took the same name, supported by Oasis 500.
The aforementioned program and Tashweesh Wadhih were shown on YouTube at the beginning and then adopted by the Ro’ya Channel.
Both represent a case of creativity by renewing Jordanian youth, setting the reality of the nation in a satirical form.
The team consists of Nasser Ja’roon, his twin Yousef, Mohammad Al-Zughool, Mu’ath Al-Buzoor and Hamza Al-Ghazo.
The event was attended by Vice-president Professor Sameeha Jarrah, Dean of Scientific Research and Higher Studies Dr. Susan Abd, FIT Dean Dr. Mohammad Hijjawi, hundreds of students from various faculties and individuals from the local community.​