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Faculty of Information Technology Students Visit Zain

Sunday 20 November 2016
ASU’s Faculty of Information Technology organized a visit to Zain, the pioneer mobile operator in the Middle East, for the students of the Wireless Communication Course. It was supervised by Dr. Mahmoud Qatqat and Dr. Yusra Oda and aimed at briefing the students on the practical aspect of cellular networks and its connection with the theoretical side.

They were received by Ms. Jumana and Transport and IP Engineer Ala’ Al-Khader. Al-Khader made a short presentation on the specialized departments and IT services provided, which made Zain the top of its kind, referring to the deep and professional follow-up processes and up-to-date IT approaches like cloud computing. There is also the broadband, which actually contributes to the building of a bright future for the region in line with other world countries in the field of IT and Telecommunications.

On the other hand, Radio Optimization Engineer Ahmed Al-Khateeb explained the current technologies to link networks and exchange data as well as the company’s mechanism to manage and regulate the network’s processes.

Transport Engineer Mohammad Abu-Sbeitan, an ASU alumni, talked about the importance of developing and guiding the youth’s talents in the practical aspect of business solutions and software.

During the meetings, the students raised questions and received explanation from the hosts about Zain’s adopted system.

The activity reflects the FIT’s concern for its students to become conscious leaders equipped with knowledge and practical experience, serving its educational policy of linking theory to practice.