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ASU Hosts Al-Muhammadiya Schools

Monday 5 December 2016
​​​ASU hosted a number of Al-Muhammadiya School students, who visited the Library to learn about the online archival system.

The students toured the sections of the facility and focused on the significance of using the computer, contrasting between the old and computerized library systems. An example was taken of the archived books in the databases to which ASU is subscribed.

In their turn, the staff performed a sketch to simplify – in a comic way – the difference between the traditional and up-to-date methods of archival and borrowing.

The ASU Library is one of the pioneers in the organization and archival of information containers in a way that keeps up with search and retrieval techniques. It has over 129,000 library items, in addition to paper periodicals, e-journals, e-books and dissertations on the international databases to which ASU is subscribed.

Finally, the students voiced gratitude to ASU for good reception and hospitality, expressing admiration of the its developed educational environment.