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Faculty of Art and Design Excels in Drawing Contest

Thursday 15 December 2016
ASU’ Faculty of Art and Design took part in the Free Drawing Contest held by Jordan University of Science and Technology, and student Maha Suwwan came third.
President Professor Mahfouz Jouda said ASU paid most attention to support students’ creativity and efforts, based on its deep faith in embodying the message of knowledge and scholars as well as its continuing confidence in achieving an advanced position in university education and local community services.
The competition included a number of graphic, oil and calligraphy paintings, tackling several themes like silent nature and landscape. They expressed the ‘artist’ student’s awareness of responsibility for accomplishing a visual language of mental, social, emotional and human perceptions. Such an image is loaded with meanings like a polished mirror which straightforwardly reflects the artist’s personality and feelings. Upon the participation of 12 public and private universities, the first position was occupied by 2 students from JUST and Hashemite University; the second by 2 students from Philadelphia University and HU; and the third by 3 students from ASU, Zarka University and Jordan University.​