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ASU’s Faculty of Information Technology Visits Online Crime Unit

Wednesday 7 December 2016
The Online Crime Unit at the Criminal Investigation Directorate hosted a number of students from various ASU’s faculties. The practical, scientific visit was organized by the Faculty of Information Technology under the supervision of coordinator of the Communication Technology and Social Networking general university course Dr. Yousef Al-Sheikh.
The delegation was received by Vice-head of the OCU Colonel Ra’ed Al-Oran, Lieutenant Ra’ed Al-Tarazi and Major Ra’ed Al-Rawashda, who made presentations on the efforts exerted to carry out the Online Crime Combat Law. The problem of rapid technological developments requires brisk legal amendments to cover new tools of online crimes. The Digital Lab and criminal evidence showed that the Public Security is aware of the accelerated development in all the fields of life. There are no longer time or space barriers to crimes, due to the telecommunications and technology revolution mainly on social media – called globalized economy and telecommunications. Therefore, CID is ready to counter IT, telecommunications and internet crimes (such as robbing contents of companies’ and institutions’ main servers, robbing bank accounts via the internet, threatening, blackmail and hacking).
It is noteworthy that the Public Security organizes regular campaigns for IT and telecommunication users to warn against the dangers of crimes on social media. It focuses on the youth as the main users of the virtual world.
Hijjawi voiced gratitude to the OCU for their efficient role in supporting national security and stability, referring to the importance of continuing with the students’ field visits under the supervision of distinguished faculty members to enrich the educational process.
ASU will spare no efforts to cooperate with all national institutions to meet its students’ needs and translate its policy into practice.​