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ASU Signs an Agreement with King Abdullah II Fund for Development

Amman – ASU held a memorandum of understanding with King Abdullah II Fund for Development aimed at advancing the Career Guidance and Alumni Follow-up Center.

It was signed by ASU President Professor Mahfouz Jouda and KFAD Director Saeb Al-Hassan. It was also attended by Head of KAFD’s Board of Trustees Imad Najeeb Fakhouri, Minister of Higher Education Professor Adel Al-Tuweissi and Director of the Higher Education Accreditation Commission Professor Basheer Al-Zu’bi.

The agreement attempts to develop the activities and services associated with career guidance by means of improving KAFD staff’s skills and students’ successful entry to the labour market. Upon identifying the students’ needs and aspirations, they are offered consultation and various options through a variety of means and involving them in programs and activities for necessary skills which boost their employment opportunities, such as field training, sessions and volunteering.